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Bonjour! I am a product designer * based in Leeds, who loves creating experiences that delight, surprise and build trust through research
and interaction.



Some of the recent projects.

Big or small.

Research / Facilitation / Validation / Iterative Design Sprint

Building a Financial Wellbeing platform
A mobile app that combines pension management, financial wellbeing, and open banking to empower Aviva pension holders to enhance their financial management.
Branding / Product Design / Brochureware / Design System
Designing a B2B Transaction Data platform
A desktop platform that helps banking and fintech enterprises to improve the transaction data
Research / A/B Testing / Agile Development Sprint
Improving engagement rate through research & A/B test
An example of how I used research and data to make informed design decisions that helped increase the engagement rate on the Live TV feature of the Sky News app


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Five steps that I can help to turn

ideas into reality.

Kick-off the project with a discovery, where I dive deep into research and start sprint planning. Collaborate with Product Managers, we will uncover the business problems, objectives, and what sets the product apart. Then, we analyse the market, study the competition, and identify the needs and pain points of our target users.

Next, to maximise business impact, I will sync-up the the product team tol set appropriate goals, defining product features, and estimate the required scope of work.

Leveraging research data, project objectives, and technological capabilities, I will plan and execute iterative design sprints. This process will provide the team with excellent visibility, ensuring that we create the most engaging and empathetic experience possible, enabling users to achieve their goals.

Moving into an agile development phase, I will collaborate with the dev team, business, BAs, PMs and QAs to make sure we deliver the best outcome within the time scope

Last but not least, design is an ongoing and ever-improving process that can never be truly “finished.” Once we release the product and people start using it, we have a golden chance to check how it’s doing, gather feedback, and make it even better based on what users want and our business goals. That’s how we take your product to the next level!

With a background in branding and motion graphics, people often assume that my skill is to make things visually appealing (can you blame them 😆).

However, after many years working intensively with both giant companies and enterprises, my capabilities extend far beyond that. Through my experience in designing and launching products, I've put a process how a product team can work together in an agile.



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